11 minute video

Laura Lee Waldorf demonstrating the simple Myotherapy technique everyone can learn on Stacy for knee pain. The passive stretches that go along with the Trigger Point work will be presented in a future video.

Passive Stretches:

Flexibility Bounce
Thread the Needle
Hip Twist
Thigh Shift
Heel Cord Stretch

Introduction and location to let you know of a chance for you to visit Laura Lee at the beach every Saturday from Noon to Sunset.

We start with a free community service exercise class Noon to 1pm specifically for children and adults to get Full Range Of Motion for their personal health care and makes a great muscle foundation for the future of the childs lifetime. It is fun to exercise together.

From 1pm to Sunset come on by for information regarding Myotherapy and Natural Healing techniques you can do at home.

See you at the beach in front of the Avila Beach Spa Retreat (next to the grocery store). Look for the Pallapa (EZ UP) with the Dolphin tied to it.