23 minutes with LOVE understanding of choices 10 spiritual questions

Spot on! As the Aussies say

Love Life!

Natural Health Facilitators this 4 minute video will explain what that means for RadicalWellnesstv.com
ProActive Self-care programs and treatments.

Betsy’s life was over due to a strange occurrence, she has her life back due to doterra oils.
Call her and find out more……3 minutes

What essential oils are best for me? Aletha and Greggory shows you one way of taking charge of your personal health through “Proactive Self-Care”………

14 minutes

doterra oils are amazing and a different choice from the brutal side effects of prescription drugs. Learn how to take care of yourself. Aletha and Greggory walk you through a device that gives you direction that is personal to see how you can keep your own health on course.

Love Life and Life Will Love You Back! Enjoy!

Robert a person who has overcome many brain challenges explains his experiences that worked for him to get back to balance.
9 minutes
Earthing a common sense tool of action to get rid of electrical pollution that you have been exposed to while you go through your day. When your electric magnetic system is supercharged many symptoms may go away! Watch and learn then go do it consistently yourself, daily, remember natural healing loves consistency.

Dr. Knot, Shawn Cabalka has a masters degree from CalPoly in Kinesthesiology explains a taste of what you can look forward to when you come see him. His intention always is to help you help yourself when it comes to muscular pain.
9 minutes

Dr Knot from the Central Coast California explains a little of the value of hotrock therapy and cupping therapy 5min23sec

Super Holiday idea:
Come join Laura Lee (Certified Master Myotherapist) and Alison (Massage Therapist)

Ease your pain coaching offers a special Holiday Special where you get together with 3 of your friends at your home and two therapist a Myotherapist and a Massage Therapist come to your home and offer the experience of a combination of a specific Pain Relief Technique (Myotherapy) with professional massage. It is a phenomenal experience to become proactive in your own self care. Package of $200 or $50 each. 1/2 hour Myotherapy 1/2 hour massage for one full hour each We also bring detox tea. Minimum 4 people call today for ease of your pain and learn more tips and techniques for your own self care



Jennifer a student midwife apprenticing at Holistic Midwifery Care with Edans Hall licensed midwife. They offer home births, waterbirths, well-woman care throughout your pregnancy, What a wonderful natural experience it is to give birth with such high intentional care. For more information or questions call 805-462-1100


Mary Sage, co-owner of Sukha Wellness Center in Avila Beach California with her husband David. They work as a team to offer a gathering place for advanced health care providers to gather, teach and learn human empowerment. Come join high vibrational fun, they have a lineup of super interesting cutting edge locals and guests who love to share!


Dustin Long hanging out at the baby fair at the Sukha Wellness Center to let all the new moms know how water is the key for proper filtration inside and outside of the body. Please come to Sukha Wellness Center for onsite demos, products and information for your water needs. 805-801-8088

Carla Nerelli is a acupuncturist that specializes in fertility, pre and post pregnancy. She also has a general practice. Located in San Luis Obispo California call her for her expertise. Create, Nourish, Sustain is her motto!


Megan Bochum explains how important the time of the reproductive life of the family.
Labor support, childbirth education, breastfeeding support, home births, water births, well woman care is all contained in the experience from the start of the wonderful delight of creating a family. Enjoy your new family with proactive self-care for everyone involved.

Daniel Bronstein of Beacon Chiropractic is a chiropractor that knows and teaches the value of keeping the nerves of children clear and not impinged from 1 day old on through life. Also, he knows how important it is to keep moms pelvises in line for the event of birth and postbirth. He is located in Grover Beach California his focus and understanding of childrens needs are his forte. Call him for more specifics at 805-481-1566

Labor Of Love on FACEBOOK
Jennifer Stover has a great passion for connecting with babies, moms and families.
As an outstanding facilitator and doula for new parents in need of guidance on becoming a family. She offers support groups in Grover Beach California the first Sunday of the month 4-5pm. Her intention is to encourage empathy, empower parents, provide support, bring clarity, and keep open lines of communication. You can contact her at jenniferstoverdoula@gmail.com


David Vartavedian and his wife who started a proactive self-care product line that will not poison ourselves and our children with chemicals Find out more on their website originalsprout.com.

Amy captures the beautiful intimate moments in the moment of miracles before during and after the sweetness and amazement of the birth of babies. Her doula expertise and her talent at photography is a wonderful combination of those special moments. Call her to get the full experience of new life at 805-610-5948 or go to her website amyboggs.com

Melissa Roxy presents the community opportunity for parents with children up to 8 years old to participate in learning and experiencing the community coming together to nurture the children. 805-549-1222 The village does raise the children.


Virginia Marum is really excited to share with all who appreciate the value of great well loved handling and growing of your food. Imagine a farm box but with all the local organic fruits and veggies made into meals. Her and her husband Trevor work together with food and exercise and movement techniques, a great way to help you create a proactive self care approach to your health.

Terri Woods is the founder of SLO Doula Connection
Doula’s support woman through pregnancy, birth, and with newborn bonding.
For support in your experience of this wonderful time in your life contact for the support that makes this occasion an amazing one. Matching doulas to woman.

Cookwell with Courtney. Courtney is a wonderful giving woman that has a desire to help people realize the variety of wonderful foods as she explains to you the specifics of what food serves and supports you and your body using proactive self-care in the kitchen using and understanding Whole Foods.

Charlotte ‘Ginger’ DiNunzio is the owner and Chief Photographer of Sandprints Photos.
Where the World is Our Studio
For more information: http://www.sandprintsphoto.com Morro Bay California

This guy puts the fun in food preparation!

Avila Beach Spa Retreat

Courtney Coleman and her husband work together teaching people the skills of cooking “out of the box” in simple practical ways that fit into your lifestyle needs. Great way to prevent health breakdown by giving your body the wholefoods we all need to be vital.

Myotherapy Myo means muscle Therapy means to heal
To be able to do self care regarding your muscles which can be the cause of 80% of pain symptoms. Laura Lee demonstrates a small sampling of the technique of Myotherapy with a business group called Connect in San Luis Obispo, CA NaturalHealingSoulutions FACEBOOK for more information about Myotherapy and Natural Health Care

Aletha Jelladian explains the Biomat from what it is made of, and how it can help you with so many discobobulations or body/mind/soul imbalances. Which once you experience Aletha and her passion for helping others you will walk away with a new sense of empowerment when it comes to taking responsibility for your own health care.
Enjoy and email Aletha soon, so she can help you on your path of healing yourself and others. AJelladian@aol.com

Kathryn a long time caregiver for children and their sanity. Helps not only the kids, but the parents, teachers and therapists understand what is in front of us as the “New Children” are in place to help humans help themselves. Learn the special gifts that children present, presently teaching us to love unconditionally plus some. Please contact Kathryn so your lives with the kids/parents is full of joy like we are designed to enjoy. 805-550-2625


Aletha a Certified Bowen Practitioner and wonderful educator. She will help you tremendously with recovery from Tramatic injuries, Overuse injuries, High/Low blood pressure, Stress reactions, Arthritic pain, Fatigue, Fluid retention, Ear/throat ;problems, TMJ, Insomia, Depression, Stroke recovery, ADD/ADHD, etc. Working with the body as a whole is key to healing and learning what the body as a whole looks like. Call Aletha and find out how to help yourself get well and balanced.
Janice Melvin and Laura Lee Waldorf explain the whats and whys about Natural Healing Soulution’s directory for Alternative Facilitators evolution from Radical Wellness to Present time.
Here is an opportunity for all who desire, that their skills and talents impact humanity locally and globally.
Using the even playing ground that the Internet and other tools
ie: your phone…
….has offered, anyone especially those in proactive health care, who wants to participate in the many new ways to get your message out to those looking for you.

Kathryn Brewer
Educational Psychologist, Energy Psychology
Kathryn Brewer.blogspot.com

Kathryn is a Educational Phychologist and an Energy Psycholgist. She works with all young people and their adults to assist in harmonizing relationships with family, school, peers, and self; Kathryn specializes with those sometimes called the “new humans”. She facilitates many events incuding going to Rwanda to assist in healing especially for the the children who are the future adults.

Please help the Worlds children by helping Kathryn’s mission. Enjoy her introduction video!

Teaching People To Heal With Whole Foods


Cortney and Don love helping people learn about the proper foods
to eat that will create Vibrant Health and Vitality.



Courtney and Don are very enthusiastic about helping people realize their potential blocks due to the food that they are eating.

Look forward to learning a ton of information regarding the exciting choices that can be made by you when you discover what goes in your mouth ends up as a huge factor in the health results of your condition right now.

If you want changes that are fun, fulfilling and opens you up to a World that has been in front of you all the while, this couple can give you so many short cuts and lifestyle decisions with common sense teaching which has been effective for many.

To be proactive and empowered to take care of your own health and your families too. We are very fortunate to be able to enjoy the gifts of these two loving, caring people. Support them, so they can support you. Another great example of community consciousness in action.

Dr. Korrin Interview Naturopathic Physician

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Will be adding short videos of

“Alternative Facilitators of Health” on the Central Coast.”

As I interview video and post them explaining what they do to help us in true health care.