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I believe that we have a big situation here with people breaking under the pressure of living so backwards and away from Nature.

Our electrical circuts are so affected we need to pay more attention to what we are exposing our bodies and brains to on a daily basis.

100% Responsibility! We are being exposed to chemicals daily in all sorts of ways and we are malnourished. The combination of toxins and lack of nutrition no wonder some of us are breaking. We are not chemically deficient we are minerally deficient, yet we are being treated with more chemicals!Let us all make different back to nature choices so the Crude Oil goes away, and all chemicals are replaced with Hemp and other plants and Natural things. Free Energy for all humans and the planet is one soulution! There are many other soulutions. Make daily choices to stay away from as many chemicals as you can, or at least count how many your body has to deal with daily. Remember it is all accumaltive, which means all those tiny exposures through time creates to much pressure on brain and body. The consquences are apparent, look around at the sick and dying young and old..Good Luck do you best. http//:www.naturalhealingsoulutions.com

It is certainly worth keeping healthly to be happy.