This is what Dr. Schulze a real effective Natural Health Consultant explains what he has witnessed in the industry of Chinese medicine. He always goes by “Eat under your own fig tree” Which means eat what is growing around you. Not all the great herbs are in China. They all grow here also, just called a different name. For more details on this subject check out his lasted blog. Thank you Dr. Schulze!

Last week newspapers worldwide reported a horrifying discovery. 17,000 pills were smuggled into South Korea over the last year from China that contained powdered human baby skin and flesh. Not animal. HUMAN!

This dead baby trade is being run from China where corrupt medical doctors and staff take the tiny corpses or babies that are aborted, or delivered stillborn, and then smuggle them out of the hospitals and take them home and store them in their household refrigerators, and eventually cook and dehydrate the dead babies in microwaves. Numerous police agencies are involved; some suspecting that babies may even have been sold and murdered for this business.

Once the baby’s flesh and skin is thoroughly dried, it is pummeled into powder and then put into capsules along with herbs, often to disguise the actual ingredients from health investigators and customs officers.

These discoveries have been since last August, and have even shocked some of the most hardened customs agents who are used to seeing some of the most disgusting Chinese “Herbal” Medicine from endangered species horns, organs, flesh, bones and sexual parts.

Customs agents claim the illegal Chinese medicine is smuggled through South Korea, and that there is a huge worldwide demand for alternative and herbal Chinese medicine. The Chinese claim that these types of medicine will make you younger, and restore sexual energy. The Chinese have historically consumed human placenta to improve blood supply and circulation, but the eating of dead baby corpses is a newer “natural” Chinese fad.

Customs agents have intercepted numerous dried baby corpse shipments that were mixed with herbs over the last year. The San Francisco Times reported that testing on the pills confirmed that they were made up of 99.7% human remains. The pills are marketed as “Herbal” Stamina Boosters (see my point later on this).

In light of this recent report, I decided to reprint a handout that I used in my clinic from about 30 years ago, that I wrote to enlighten, and warn my patients, many of whom had consumed Chinese “Herbal” Medicine to heal themselves, assuming that it was truly herbal, when in fact it was loaded with animal flesh, horns, sexual organs, dried insects and a lot of other bacteria rich, and really disgusting substances.

Not About Saving the Whales
Finally, this is not some “Save the Whales”, Animal Rights article. Personally, I have chose to not eat animals for most of my life. I have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of diseases in America and most of the civilized world are “diseases of the fork”, meaning that they are caused by what we eat, drink and the sedentary nature of our lifestyle. Interestingly, my conclusion is also shared by quite conservative organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association. There is no doubt that the consumption of animals contributes to, if not directly causes, the two biggest killers of mankind, heart disease and cancer.

Regardless, this is not about saving animals, it is about saving lives. People often say to me, well, what if there was a nuclear war, or accident, and all the plants died, would you eat animals? Or they ask, what if you were on a plane and it crashed in some barren wasteland where there were no edible plants, only animals, would you eat animals? Usually I answer this question by telling this person that I would kill THEM first, and eat them to survive, mainly to shut them up and stop asking stupid questions, and for nutrition, second. Then next, yes, I would kill animals and eat them if I had to, to survive. I would survive. I am a survivor!

But the reality is that we have an ABUNDANCE of amazing food available to us in the modern world, that is healthy and nutritious, and does not require the killing and eating of animals, reptiles, insects and other living, crawling, swimming or slithering creatures. And if you are trying to heal disease and create powerful health, I highly advise a food program that does not contain these substances.

Below is my clinical handout from 30 or 40 years ago, edited, slightly updated and revised by me today.

Buyer Beware! Chinese “Herbal” Medicine May Not Be HERBAL!
The Chinese may be trying to clean up their act, when it comes to Political Freedom and Human Rights, but when it comes to cleaning up their herbal medicine, they fail. Traditional Chinese Medicine, like many traditional medicines, may contain many wonderful herbs. But I want you to know that their traditional medicine also contains many disgusting, rotten, bacteria laden and toxic ingredients.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine has been practiced for thousands of years and still today, many species of animals are being tortured and killed for their superstitious potions and voodoo remedies.

One of the most popular Los Angeles area Chinese Herbal Stores, not a Chinese store in Chinatown, but a new age very hip Chinese Herbal Store on the Westside of LA… well here is what they consider herbal. In their herbal tonics I found animal sexual organs, gecko lizards, deer antler, placenta, tortoise shell, fish, caterpillar fungus and pearls. Quoting from their Herbal Tonics catalog it says, “this formula contains over 40 HERBS, three of which are male animal sexual organs”. Later on it states “supertonic HERBS such as deer antler” and it calls “pearl, a very special HERBAL substance”.

I do not consider animal sexual organs, deer antler and pearls to be HERBS!

Other stores I visited in Chinatown sold musk extracted from deer testicles and snake cream from cobras that were skinned alive. I also found bear gall bladders, bear bile and bear paws and you should be aware that many California bear have been found lying dead in the forest with their gall bladders cut out and their paws chopped off, and their body was just mutilated and dumped in the woods while their parts were being shipped to China. Other American bears have been found chained in cages, still alive, with drain tubes inserted into their livers to collect their bile.

Animals are being butchered all over the world for so-called Chinese “Herbal” Medicine and because of the Chinese, Tigers and the Rhinoceros are now extinct in the wild.

The Chinese claim that by eating the penis of Tigers men can regain their sexual stamina and prowess. It is one of the most sought after Chinese “herbal” tonics. People always hope for the shortcuts to health. Men all over the world would rather believe eating a tiger’s penis will give them an erection instead of just getting healthy. The tiger’s bones are believed to help arthritis, the tiger’s nose is used for epilepsy and seizures and even the tiger’s whiskers are used for toothache. Because of this ongoing poaching of endangered species, tigers are almost extinct.

While Chinese Herbal shops swear they don’t sell tiger parts, they do. In a trip to Chinatown in San Francisco 45 herbal shops were visited. Of the 45, 32 of them had illegal tiger parts, that’s over 50%. One shop had entire tiger skeletons and tiger skins.

Because tiger parts are getting harder to acquire, the Chinese “herbalists” have turned to rhinoceros horns hoping that these horns might have the same supposed sexual stimulating and erection creating powers as the tiger penis. (Simply because the horn resembles an erect penis) Because of this, rhinoceros have been slaughtered by the thousands all over Africa, some even shot by helicopter gun ships strafing the herds. Then trucks coming by land afterwards, sawing off the horn and then leaving the entire rhino dying on the ground. In efforts to stop the slaughter many African countries have dehorned the rhinos, to save their lives, but the poachers are still killing them just to dig the stump of the horn out.

Chinese Medicines: Heavy Karma and Heavy METAL too!
For years we have been hearing more and more about chemical contamination in modern prescription chemical Chinese medicine, (even recently toxic Chinese Drywall) and also chemical contamination in the Chinese “herbal” medicine. I have warned you about using Chinese herbs because they are dirty, often contaminated with human waste, animal waste and parts, DDT and other toxic insecticides and pesticides and now even heavy metals. I have also warned you about Chinese Patent “HERBAL” Medicines that are often sold as pure “herbal” medicine but have been found to contain pharmaceutical drugs. The Chinese commonly mix both herbs and pharmaceutical drugs in their medicines, and also often include toxic substances, even heavy metals.

American medical doctors love heavy metals too. Often American medical doctors inject gold into arthritis patients, and have used arsenic as an antibiotic. In fact highly toxic Platinum is used in chemotherapy with lots of side effects. Dentists’ still use mercury amalgam to fill tooth cavities even though it is linked to a thousand diseases and health problems while drug manufacturers still use mercury to preserve baby inoculations, which has led to many birth defects.

The Chinese are no different, they just don’t have the big division between medical / pharmaceutical and natural / herbal, they just mix it all together in one cocktail.

Chinese Herbal and Traditional Medicines are now sold outside of New York and San Francisco Chinatowns, and are available in many supermarkets, drug stores and health food stores across America. According to a recent examination, 10% of traditional Chinese medicines contained lead, 15% arsenic, 15% mercury and over 20% contained unlisted pharmaceutical drugs and 20% contained unlabeled, potentially harmful ingredients.

Many of these medicines have been banned for years in many European nations and in many meetings I have attended of European Herbal Medicine organizations, they want to boycott ALL Chinese herbs because so many Chinese herbal products are mixed with chemical pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metals, stinking rotten animal parts, reptile and insect parts and other toxic substances.

In America, people have died from ingesting Chinese medicines. Most people who get sick are poisoned slowly over a few years and then hospitals and doctors often don’t link it to the toxic preparation until it is too late.

The bottom line is that I have always promoted my patients to “live under their own Fig Tree”. Meaning to live locally and eat food that is locally grown and in season.

It would be ridiculous to think that all of the strong, effective and good herbs grow in China, India, or some far off exotic place. We eat American food, grown locally and in season, so it only makes sense to consume American herbs for our medicine.

All the herbs we need for our health grow right here in the United States, many right in your own backyard. These are the best ones for us, for people living in the same environment; these herbs are more geographically fit for us. We should also be supporting American organic farmers and their families

Traditional Chinese Medicine is thousands of years old, we may have a lot to learn from it, but I wouldn’t let any of my patients put this dangerous, toxic, bacteria laden crap in their mouths or bodies and I suggest you don’t either.

Let me take this a few steps further. I propose a 100% boycott on any type of Chinese medicine, even Chinese Herbal Medicine products, until they stop butchering California Black Bears, STOP cutting the penis off tigers, STOP shooting and dehorning Rhinoceros by helicopter, STOP selling snakes, shark fins, testicle fluid, insects and rotten eggs and calling it herbs…

…and STOP dehydrating and powdering up HUMAN BABIES!

— Dr. Schulze