4 minute video

Laura Lee Waldorf explains the value of “just doin em” while you are engaged in your activity. Passive Stretches and Pro-Active Self-Care go a long way. So while you are on your Hike you can take a break when you ache, and join the many that avoid the
mad- muscle syndrome.

Myotherapy which is addressed Trigger Points along with passive stretches gives you the confidence that you can put the
mad-muscle syndrome to banish.
Just makes sense: get rid of the pain-spasm-pain cycle, then re-educate the muscles so they get to a baseline point, so they can continue doing their job of seperating the bones so we can stand erect. Taking pressure off of the tendons, and ligaments as part of that team. Have fun with these, and also know the power of theses when used consistantly. Natural loves consistancy!

Stay tuned for the next video on muscular care for the lower body muscle tips for hikers issues.