8 minutes to Learn Myotherapy on how to help yourself with tension in the jaw.

Got a hangover with a headache, relieve the pressure with this video!

7 minutes 34 seconds

5 minutes 14 seconds

Part One for Amputees to have some more proactive abilities to help get relief from Phantom Limb Pain plus any other pain you might be experiencing

Laura Lee explains Myotherapy for you to use Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!


Laura Lee features a mailbag for Myotherapy Mondays. This video is about the tools used or self  Myotherapy

You can send her a letter and she will help you solve your muscle problem as best as possible with instructions and charts you can download on PDF. Enjoy! 3 minutes 25 seconds


Myotherapy is a highly specialized therapeutic treatment which concentrates on functional anatomy. With goal of results breaking cycles of pain to pain-free.

Bonnie Prudden Explains Myotherapy and a 1 minute test to take for your main posture muscles
13 minutes

Myotherapy Myo=muscle Therapy=to heal

Myotherapist search for Trigger Points that engage a pain-spasm-pain cycle in the muscles when triggered by Emotional or Physical STRESS.


“Back goes out”

“Headaches Returns”

Myotherapy works with Trigger Points and Corrective Exercises, an active therapy between person in pain and Therapist

When Trigger Point is found, slow Ischemic compression is used to rid the Trigger Point out of the system. About 75 Trigger Points are erased in a one hour session. Corrective Exercises are given to remind muscle not to be tight through repetition.

One session builds on the next with (client, student or patient) participating with feedback and corrective exercises.

Usually 3 to 6 sessions, which varies with degree of pain involved and effort put forth toward personalized Proactive Health-Care

Clothes On…No Oil…Charts and tools for Self Application are available.

This is an opportunity to be empowered to use this technique for you and your family for the rest of your lives!

Sure comes in handy when you are enduring the pain and restriction of muscle spasm! With the big advantage of knowing what to do about it!.

LL often says: When we are young, we tell our muscles what to do.

When we are older our muscles tell us what to do

Hoping you have a good relationship

If not, your muscles are very forgiving, they will serve you well again

Give back into them the effort they put into you

Learn to nurture your body with Proactive Health-Care, it will respond.

For more information contact Laura Lee Waldorf Certified Master Myotherapist



Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!

Myotherapy Self Application with Master Myotherapist Lori Drummond
How to use your Pain Erasure Tool and apply Myotherapy to yourself and others!

Head, Neck and Shoulder Pain Self Application with Lori Drummond
8 minutes

Back Pain Self Application with Lori Drummond
8 minutes

Knee Pain Self Application with Lori Drummond
8 minutes

Head Neck and Shoulder Pain Partner Application with Lori Drummond
9 minutes

Back Pain Partner Application with Lori Drummond
6 minutes

Knee Pain Partner Application with Lori Drummond
7 minutes

July 2013

Laura Lee Waldorf a Certified Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist. Explains and demonstrates Myotherapy application on a 7 Series 3-5 Minute Videos with step by step instructions on how to work on your own muscles so you can practice “Proactive Self-Care” which will empower you and your loved ones regarding any muscular pain related injuries or overuse.