1 hour 5 minutes

support the supporters of you…….

5 minutes Find out the most stimulating conversation you can bring up at a party!


20 minutes  Open minded perspective….makes you think…..think…..think…..

Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!

25 minutes BIS

Swiss has been neutral because they determine war and money. A small handful called  “Bank Of International Settlements” look them up, YUCKY Germany won the war on money, but not the whole war, but the main war, they need to go away with not anger, they did their part to get us to evolve. Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!


21 minutes
What a genocide with humans? Watch and learn the history written by the “losers” in a invasion of the New World..

2 Hours

Learn about accounting via history and investigation….Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!

11 minutes Quite the variety, indig0us going strong YaaHoo!

2 minutes http://www.lakotalaw.org/legalfund

Chase is brave and a brave, lets replace injury with peace.

Love Life And Life Will Love You Back!

9 minutes Lets get this changed, if you are corrupt you are going away too dense for this Planet, now that we powerful ones know what you have been up to. Exposure hurts people, but needs to continue and be done. Thanks tons Andrea, you are very brave and real. Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!

16 minutes Be Aware and Beware know what is in front of you, notice.

Love Life And Life Will Love You Back!

6 minutes

People are leaving California, find out their perspective, you might be surprised who the group leaving is…….


15 Minutes

Support those supporting everyone else.  The water protectors qualify, and they are getting great support, along with the perseverance of the Bundy’s out of Oregon and Pete Santilli Reporter


12 minutes Learn who the heros, are in present moment time.  Yahoo Be Brave and Couragous, support each other…..

Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!

25 Minutes Here come the woman, now things are really moving fast!

Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!


28 Minutes What Scares Big Pharma? Proactive Health Care

Magnesium explained by Dr. Osborne
what causes deficiency and how to not participate and take care of this important mineral in our system
10 minutes

4 minutes 5o seconds
Many, many, children stuck with Autism in the family

Parents make the difference. Do your homework, it is obvious what not to do

Love Life and life will love you back



11 minutes of how it really came down at Standing Rock

21 years old with substantial injury from the aggressors called the guys who like to hurt others over the top. How detached can they get.

Lets keep on changing the reality to Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!

Join on every level know what it is front of us Love, Love, Love and Love some more.

Lets get the soldiers doing the harm the opportunity to wake up and quit being DOGS for their masters..