The wise (in the know) speaks soulution to problem of allowing only a small handful of humans
making decisions for the rest of us
with only their own agendas in mind
stimulating massive ego consciousness
which is all about one self
all we have to do is group up
and that scares the sh.. out of them more than anything
We do have the power!
we just need to quit being afraid and realize we are creating all of this in the 1st place
so we have the power to co-create this reality of fear based to love based.

If interested the question and answer video with Noam Chomsky is even more stimulating.

The 1st question being: Why do Politicians Lie to us? Answer: Because we let them, hold them accountable is their nightmare………

As America wakes up out nightmare will be over, and their nightmare will begin, unless they see the light themselves.

Life is Fair when we pay attention to the most important by stewarting each other, the animals, and the plants.


The Wise (in the know) speaks soulution