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Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally
Your Liver Has Better Things To Do than process cholesterol

Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally to 150 or Below, with NO DRUGS…

I get literally hundreds of questions from people who have recently returned from a medical doctor check-up to discover that they have high cholesterol. Some also have high LDLs and even VLDLs and Triglycerides. Others were even told that they have too low cholesterol. I will address all of these in my answer.

Below are just two of these hundreds of questions—one from a woman who is 68 and another from a man who is 35—both with high cholesterol.

After their questions, I will explain all about cholesterol and more important, I will explain my Clinical Cholesterol Reduction Program. No matter who you are, no matter what your age, and no matter how high your cholesterol level, if you want to maintain a healthy low cholesterol level, and do it naturally, without drugs, your answer is here…

Dear Dr. Schulze,
I recently had a blood test and it showed high cholesterol and LDL levels. What products of yours would you recommend to help reduce both those levels along with a better diet and exercise? I am 68 and have never had a problem with LDL levels. Cholesterol has always been around 200. Thanks for your info!
— Jean P. in Punta Gorda, FL

Dear Dr. Schulze,
I am 35-years-old and recently I had my annual physical and my doctor told me my cholesterol was high. Not sure what I am doing wrong for it to be high (triglycerides were fine). Of course, he wants to put me on cholesterol lowering medication, which I DO NOT want to do. What can I do to lower my cholesterol and keep it down at a healthy level, provided there is such a thing? I have read that cholesterol levels can rise when the liver/gallbladder are stressed and it’s a response your body reacts to… Is that the case or am I totally wrong?
— Jorge V. in Alexandria, VA

What is Cholesterol?

The word literally translated from the Greek means “solid bile”. It is a waxy-like fat that circulates in our blood. It comes from two sources:

Source #1 is that we manufacture cholesterol, in our liver and then it is turned into bile, which we need to digest food, like fats, and also fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D and E. Cholesterol is also important for our body to manufacture hormones, even estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. It is an important fat for the human body and circulates in our blood, and excess cholesterol is stored in our gallbladder.

Source #2, the other source of cholesterol is dietary, it is in the food that we eat. Cholesterol is found in ALL animal foods, their flesh, eggs, milk, and all animal by-products including fish and seafood. There is absolutely NO CHOLESTEROL in any fruit, vegetable, grain, seed, nut or sprout. Cholesterol is only found in animal food.

How is Cholesterol measured?

Cholesterol is measured by taking a sample of your blood and then calculating the amount of cholesterol that is in it. This measurement is how many milligrams of cholesterol (mg) that are found in a deciliter (d/L) (1/10 of a liter) of blood. It is written like this, 150mg/dL.

What is a healthy Cholesterol level?

In America, by almost all medical groups, associations and medical experts—including the Mayo Clinic—it is considered normal, healthy and desirable to have a blood cholesterol level of 200 milligrams of cholesterol per deciliter of blood, written 200mg/dL. It is considered borderline, to have a cholesterol level between 201 and 239, and it is considered high to have a blood cholesterol level at 240 and above.

A high blood level of cholesterol is associated with a high risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks and stroke.

Important Note: I think it is very important to note right here that while medical experts consider a blood cholesterol level of 200 mg/dL to be normal, unfortunately what is also normal in America is cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes. In fact, in America, we have the highest incidence of coronary artery blockage, coronary artery disease, heart attacks and stroke in the entire world, and almost all of this disease is directly related to cholesterol blocking arterial blood flow. I think it is also very important to note that the average cholesterol level in China is 122, much lower than in America, where they have a significantly and dramatically lower incidence of these same circulatory diseases. There is no doubt that the lower the cholesterol level in the general population of China, and the lower incidence of heart disease and stroke, is totally related. Considering this fact, while the medical experts in America say 200 is normal, it is also normal that the #1 cause of death in America today is heart attacks and stroke. I think these facts alone underscore the importance that the medical establishment in America take another look at what they consider normal, and recognize that what they consider normal is the major contributing factor to the #1 cause of death!

Another important fact here is that the Chinese on average consume one pound of animal meat a week per family of four. That is only two ounces a day or a half-ounce a day per person, so they mainly have a rice and vegetable food program, with very little animal.

Along with the Chinese, the average Vegetarian in America has a blood Cholesterol level below 130 and rarely dies from cardiovascular disease where one-third of all American meat eaters will die from cardiovascular diseases.

Can your Liver produce too much Cholesterol?

YES, and this can be a contributing factor to high cholesterol levels in the blood. But having said that, in my clinic I NEVER had a patient that followed my program and couldn’t reduce their blood cholesterol levels to below 160, regardless of how much cholesterol their body produced.

What are Triglycerides, HDLs, LDLs and VLDLs?

Triglycerides are fats that exist in your blood, very similar to cholesterol and they exist with cholesterol in your blood plasma. They come from fat in the food that you eat, and like cholesterol, are also manufactured in your body.

When you consume food, and eat more calories than you need, triglycerides are stored with fat cells to be used later when you need energy. Unfortunately, because most people eat too much fat and carbohydrates, and do not get enough exercise, they store too many triglycerides.

High triglyceride levels in your blood (again, like cholesterol) is linked to cardiovascular and coronary artery disease.

Similar to cholesterol numbers, high and potentially dangerous are triglyceride levels above 200 and below 150 is considered normal. Personally I prefer triglyceride levels to be even lower.

HDLs, LDLs and VLDLs
Your total cholesterol level is a combination of all of your lipoproteins (HDLs + LDLs + VLDLs + a few more fatty substances). As the name suggests, lipoproteins are a combination of lipo (fat) and protein.

Lipoproteins have a very important function in your body, as they transport fats around in your blood. All the cells in your body need fats, cholesterol and triglycerides as food to build their cell membranes, the structure of the cell. It is the lipoproteins that transport cholesterol and fat from your liver, through your blood to all of your body’s cells, and then back to your liver.

Since fat and water don’t mix (like olive oil and water) and since your blood is more like water, the lipoproteins encase fats and transport them through your blood.

HDLs are High density Lipoproteins, and they basically pick up cholesterol from your body, blood vessels and blood and bring it back to your liver, where it can be eliminated via your gallbladder and bowel. HDLs are often called the “Good Cholesterol” as they can literally lower your cholesterol level by removing it from your body.

A level of HDLs in your blood greater than 60mg/dL is considered optimal and healthy, while a level below 40mg/dL is considered dangerous increasing your risk of arterial plaque and heart and circulatory disease.

Recent studies over the past few decades have even shown that high levels of HDLs can literally scrub and clean cholesterol and plaque off the walls of arteries that are already blocked. YES, your body will heal and repair itself if you give it a fighting chance!

LDLs are Low Density Lipoproteins, and they do the exact opposite of HDLs. They collect cholesterol from your liver and take it out through your blood to all the cells of your body. Although they are very necessary, too many LDLs transport too much fat through blood vessels and the body, which is not healthy and therefore they are often referred to as “Bad Cholesterol”.

Medical authorities suggest that a safe level of LDLs is less than 100 mg/dL, and this is considered healthy and optimal for LDL cholesterol. Personally, I would like to see my patients below 70mg/dL.

VLDLs are Very Low Density Lipoproteins, and they transport triglycerides through the blood to cells and fat in the body. These are also considered “Bad Cholesterol” as they transport cholesterol into your body and cells.

The bottom line is that all of these lipoproteins are necessary to be healthy, but the balance or ratio of them in your blood is what is important.

What is the HDL / LDL Cholesterol ratio?

Many doctors look at the ratio between HDL and LDL cholesterol, along with looking at the total cholesterol level, to determine the risk of coronary artery and cardiovascular disease. This ratio of HDL/LDL looks at the ratio of the HDL “good” cholesterol to the LDL “bad” cholesterol.

To deduce this ratio, divide your HDL cholesterol by your LDL cholesterol.

For example, if you have an HDL cholesterol level of 60 mg/dL and your LDL cholesterol level is 100mg/dL, then your HDL/LDL ratio would be 0.6. Most medical doctors think any ratio above 0.3 is good but I would like to see it above 0.4, or even higher.

How can I raise my levels of HDLs and lower my LDLs and VLDLs?

I knew you would ask this question, which takes me right to…

What is the most effective program to reduce Cholesterol levels?

Dr. Schulze’s Clinical Cholesterol Reduction Program

I am a doctor, and if the #1 cause of death in America, which would also be the #1 cause of death for my patients, is high cholesterol blocking the arteries to the heart, brain and other organs, killing them and killing you, well, I guess being a responsible doctor, it only makes sense that I would check my patients’ blood cholesterol levels and get them down to a safe level. (Not what medical doctors think is normal, but what the disease statistics dictate is normal.)

This is just one of the many reasons that in my clinic, why all three of my Clinical Food Programs were Vegetarian food programs. (Click on my book Detoxification Volume 1, on the right margin of this BLOG site, and you will see all three of these food programs, what they are and when to use them, all described in detail, within this book.)

If the #1 cause of death in America is cholesterol, then it is also the #1 cause of death for my patients, so I better do something about this, and the best thing I can think of is a food program that does NOT contain any cholesterol.

As I said, all of my Clinical Food Programs are Vegetarian. To me, being a vegetarian means absolutely no animal food, flesh, blood, eggs, milk—NONE. Now today in America, it can mean a wide variety of things, and because it is cool in some circles to say you are a vegetarian, I find there are many different meanings to this word, like fish and chicken eating vegetarians, to lacto-ovo (dairy and egg) eating vegetarians, so to be painfully specific here, I guess I mean what today we refer to as Vegan. Again, read my description in the book of my three food programs and you will understand exactly what I mean.

Now having said all of that, I realize that nobody ever dropped dead from eating one cheeseburger and a milk shake. But I am a doctor, and we are talking about a food program to bring dangerously high cholesterol levels down to safe low cholesterol levels. And, I would be lying if I said you could do this without drugs, and still consume cholesterol, you cannot, so stop eating it.

Whether you are trying to lower your cholesterol levels, or heal yourself of any disease, ANY disease, stopping eating ALL animals and their byproducts is a fundamental principal of Natural Healing. Once you have normal cholesterol levels and/or are disease-free, then I won’t watch what you put in your mouth on a Saturday night, but until then, stick to the program.

Another tip, if you are concerned about getting enough nutrition, please read Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of my “20 Powerful Steps” book, which is also available to read FREE, right on this BLOG. You might also consider taking my SuperFood Plus every day too, and it contains a lot of nutrition, and ZERO cholesterol.

Cholesterol is also manufactured in your intestines, but regardless, my first detox is always my 5-Day BOWEL Detox. You must make sure that your bowel is clean and functioning well before you consider doing any other detoxification. This is simply because all solid waste, even old bile and gallstones (cholesterol) from your liver and gallbladder are eventually emptied into your intestines and bowel for elimination. If your bowel is sluggish, congested or constipated, you cannot effectively clean out your body. So get the bowel clean, toned and healthy FIRST!

Then, it is time to do my 5-Day LIVER Detox, which includes my Liver and Gallbladder Flush. This detox is basically a laxative for the liver and gallbladder, cleaning it out and purging it of its contents, including cholesterol. And, it also tones and strengthens your liver and gallbladder and gets them healthier. The herbs are also powerful liver protectors, and protect your liver cells from the constant chemical bombardment we call “living the American Dream”.

Once your liver and gallbladder are clean, you may also consider my PROTECT Formula for the rest of your life, to keep that liver protected. You can read up about that formula on my Herbal Medicine website by clicking here: http://www.herbdoc.com

Garlic is famous for its ability to reduce cholesterol levels, so much so it is used medically for this purpose in many countries around the world. I would have my patients consume three cloves a day, (one clove, three times a day) raw or chopped. Have it either swallowed or mixed into cooked food, but don’t cook the garlic, just mix it in your food. And forget about garlic pills—just eat it RAW!

Exercise / Movement
A regular exercise program, even an hour of brisk walking a day, kept up daily for a month or two, has been proven to reduce your cholesterol level by up to 30%, so let’s get moving.

Remember, especially with moving, fun is FUNdamental. If you do not make moving fun, you will quit moving, so make it FUN! I highly suggest you go to my “Links” page in the upper Navigation Bar of this BLOG, and the third link down is my movement Guru, ZenKahuna. Check out many of his fun ways to get moving more, while having lots of fun doing it. He breaks all the rules.

Stress makes you sick, and can even raise cholesterol levels and make it harder for you to get rid of it, so let’s start to melt the stress away. Slow down a bit, time is a man-made nightmare. Move more, breathe deeper, and see how you can eliminate things from your life that take up your time and cause stress. A month ago, I realized I had been run over by the information highway, and the safest thing I could do was get off the road. So, I stopped emailing and closed my email account. This immediately gave me more time to get healthy and lowered my stress.

My patients who followed this program for three months, ALL dropped their cholesterol levels to absolutely normal, their triglycerides too, and lowered their LDLs and VLDLs and raised their HDLs. And, I had patients with some of the highest cholesterol levels that medical doctors have ever heard of.

While on this program, most of my patients had normal cholesterol levels in only one month, and great HDL / LDL ratios, but why stop the fun after only one month?

How do you know for sure these programs work?

Read the following letter…

“18 months ago my cholesterol was 1469, almost 1500, my triglycerides reached 8664, almost 9000! It was really scary. My head felt like the top of it could just explode, and my brain even felt like it was shaking, along with the rest of my body. I had to resort to nerve medication, and I tried the drugs to lower cholesterol, but found it was damaging my liver. I was hospitalized three times with pancreatitis, and I had another four attacks after, but just stayed home and survived. The hospital stays were complete nightmares. No one I have ever talked to, no doctor or lab worker, had ever heard of someone with cholesterol and triglyceride levels so HIGH and still be ALIVE.

I did your 5-Day LIVER Detox five weeks in a row, as well as the whole Incurables Program. I passed two tumors with ‘tentacles’ and hundreds of small green stones. After a year on the programs, my cholesterol is now 158 and my triglycerides are down to 444! I thank God for the information arriving when it did! May God bless you and guide you in your adventure! If I could do it, I know you can do it too!! My prayers are with you. Love in Christ.”

— J.K. in Mound City, MO

Should I use the Heart Tonic?

YES! Anyone who has or has had a high cholesterol level should be using the Heart Tonic. The Heart Tonic, besides being a tonic for your entire Cardiovascular and Circulatory System, PROTECTS your heart, and lets it function on less blood and oxygen if your arteries are already blocked or your blood is thick with fat and cholesterol. I would use this formula daily, for at least three months, until all of your numbers are perfect.

If my Arteries are Already Blocked with Cholesterol and Fat, can I Remove this Blockage Naturally?

YES! Dr. Dean Ornish, one of the nation’s leading vegetarian cardiologists, has done numerous studies proving that you can stop, and even reverse coronary artery plaque and cholesterol build-up, and remove it by living a healthy lifestyle. My Clinical Cholesterol Reduction Program is a few steps beyond what Dr. Ornish did to achieve these results. Remember…

Your body can and will heal itself of ANYTHING, ANY DISEASE. Just STOP doing what you did that made you sick And START doing what will Create Powerful Health! And dis-ease will disappear!

See my description of this action above under HDLs.

My Medical Doctor says my arteries are blocked with calcium plaque, not cholesterol.

This is a misconception. FIRST, excess cholesterol was deposited and got stuck onto the walls of your arteries. Then, white blood cells attached to it causing inflammation. Finally, it was covered with calcium plaque and became a type of scar tissue on the inside of your arteries, causing a reduction in blood flow. If this is in your coronary or cerebral arteries it can cause a heart attack or stroke. So, this top layer or “crust” of this plaque may indeed be calcium, but underneath it is cholesterol and was caused by high cholesterol levels or what is referred to as hypercholesterolemia.

Regardless of what your arteries are blocked with, your new, healthy lifestyle will remove it and clear your arteries.

Do you ever advise Cholesterol Lowering Medications?


FIRST, I say this simply because I have NEVER found them to be necessary. I have had the most extreme cases of high cholesterol ALWAYS respond to my Natural Healing program. Every patient with high cholesterol was able to bring their cholesterol levels down to normal and BELOW, by just following my program.

SECOND, ALL DRUGS are dangerous and have health-damaging side effects, especially cholesterol lowering drugs. So, I suggest you avoid them at all cost.

My Medical Doctor says my Cholesterol level is too low and that I should eat more meat. What do you think?

Your MD is an IDIOT! I have heard many patients over the years tell me this exact same thing. That they went in for a regular check-up, and their medical doctor said their blood cholesterol was 130 mg/dL or 120 mg/dL and that is dangerously low. What utter bull! I have had many patients that were told by their MD to eat more red meat and cheese to raise their cholesterol. The stupidity of some doctors never ceases to amaze me.

I have NEVER read, or heard of ANYONE (and I have researched this) who was ill because their cholesterol level was too low. On the other hand, millions are dying because their cholesterol levels are too high! So, unless these MDs were trying to make their patients sick, give them high blood pressure or a heart attack or stroke, I go back to my original statement that they are simply being ignorant idiots.

The Bottom Line!

I will say it again… Every patient I ever had—no matter how fat, no matter how high their cholesterol and triglyceride levels were, no matter how out-of-whack their HDL / LDL ratio was—ALL OF THEM were able to return to normal blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and ratios on this program, PERIOD!

— Dr. Schulze