Dr Rima Natural Solutions

1 hour 22 minute video

Stop, Look and Listen for Genocidal behavior.
Someone doesn’t like humans

Pay attention. Or not,…….. and be just as criminal as the parasitical parasites(PP) that feed off of our energy.

We are stronger than they(PP) are, and they(PP) know it. Numb, dumb and controllable. Over population? NO, its to many, to control, bummer for them…..Lies are not working anymore.

They (PP) have to lie and play unfair because they (PP) know they(PP) are very weak and leaving due to density frequencies.
Just how awesome it is.

TaaDaa to all of us who step up with courage and radiant-electrical heart centered strength to create what we want to see, not this skullduggery that has been taken place hidden from plain view.

Now we live in transparency! Oh Oh for anyone lying and on the wrong side of the curtain.

If you are not coming from Natural Law it will be a tough ride.
Which is simple for the heart felt.
1) Do not harm.
2) Don’t let anyone harm you.
3) Honesty and high integrity business practices.
Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!
We have a lot to step into and claim and celebrate where humanity is really pointing. Unconditional Love for all, even those (PP) who have damaged many, there(PP) purpose has been served. We humans are glad the contrast is over for us who choose courage to be truthful, that is all truthful.

1 hour 20 minute