32 minutes

Learn about what the heck is going on with vaccines and USA doctors?

All for speaking fees? Dang what happened to the health part?

Check your Store Receipts look for hormone distributors….Feminizing Men?

Do you have children?  This next 15 minutes will help you educate yourself and your pediatrician.


20 minutes

we are getting mentored the help we need to change out this as the unsustainable crashes on itself

Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!

Who is Shooting Who?

11 minutes


14 minutes Learn How to access your TDA accounts.


25 minutes

Great opportunity for accountability.

U Breaking own Laws and using them against USA citizens.



13 minutes So wrong…on so many levels……Public Servants? Who is OK with Bullies?


48 Minutes Know the deal, the real American heros.


17 minutes of Super Indigenous Water Power

Show your support

Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!


15 minutes

Learn about the Kangaroo Jury Trial non effective except for the administrators.

Lets hold these people in accountability and show them love again.

37 minutes 14 seconds

Update on Trial in Nevada, exposing the courts and BLM

Show up help support the supporters as political prisoners

2 hours 45 minutes

One way or the other these funds are going to get out to everyone! Be smart and help the healing of the planet, Your first hire is a Money Manager!

1 hour 15 minutes

Anything pulled off of our media access is a crime. We can work around it, hang with Standing Rock…Love Life And Life Will Love You Back!

10 minutes

You Tube takes down videos that threaten who? You figure it out…

35 minutes Love Life And Life Will Love You Back!

Eat what humans eat and follow your joy.

11 minutes

13 minutes Its closer to home than you would want. Programmed humans (all of us) let us all deprogram!

15 minutes watch and learn how we are being fooled with our lives. Bill Gates

25 minutes

too many needing to be held accountable with a public trial Court Of Changes

Love life and Life Will Love You Back!

1 hour and 43 minutes

ET false flag attack, call it out before the fake out

Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!


Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City

Part 2 Defund DTPL at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York



We stand for Standing Rock! Part 1 Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York

13 minutes Support the supporters boycott your banks, make our own banks.

Simple stop supporting those who use you and make you as fools. Dang.

Vote with your dollars. Divest Defund DAPL

Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!




37 minutes Check out the mission possible with what your watching, learning and believing! Be responsible for your choices considering consequences. Know the genuine alternative media is under attack from the fake news of the main stream. Called trolls and censorship via algorithms. watch the laws change to accommodate.


Honesty? WOW answers a lot of questions Dang……figure it out yourself Turner Radio Network

2 parts 55 minutes

39 minutes

Its not over until its over! Support those supporting USa!


29 minutes Help save our children from social services corruptness. The children and their families are screwed if we don’t do something. Accountability and Exposure. No Fear. Only Truth. Lets ask questions until satisfied! Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!



Come on nature!

Buffalo commute through protest! Message of power…….

Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!

2 minutes 32 seconds

29 minutes History in the Making Please continue to stand up for Earth or she will not welcome us to live upon her….  Dang Black Snack unemployed, undernourished, undereducated, underhoused, etc. lets be part of the freedom arrow for change


1 hour 25 minutes

Natural Law and How you can participate. Make a move and be free for reals….

12 minutes of Heiloplots listen when the Earth Speaks. What is gonging on?

Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!












What all America wants? Sounds to good to be true?
15 minutes

Safety first…… for the children
Listen and learn
I have a personal understanding of the protocol of the Social Services Crews across this country. Not all, but most of the crew. All for a paycheck! huh?

Have a heart, listen up, especially if you know a child.

Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!
26 minutes

The Kate Daley show.

1 hour 23 minutes radio interview that got her fired in the description on video from HealthNutNews

Many holistic doctors are dead in a short period of time.

17 minutes

On purpose cancer predatory targeted individuals using public funds


9 minutes
Check this Event series out, questions answered, open your mind
the changed voice is to avoid hackers, the drama is to screen you out

Let all get into solution Stop volunteering to be ok with the structure and make some personal and professional changes, this will be fun, because what we have now doesn’t work for so many people suffer……..right in your neighborhood
Love Life and Life Will Love You Back

55 minutes Lookup :Stockholm Syndrome PAH
Geoengineers are out of control, ruining it for the rest of us, are you going to sit back and stay distracted with politics etc., that is fine, good luck with that attitude
What have we done with this Planet?
Wow we need to pay attention if we want to keep enjoying life as we know it.

Cartoons are entertaining and educational watch this one and enjoy.

Take 1 minute to learn why forced vaccinations are corrupting our rights.

Take back your power a movement that is going gang busters!
Smart meters are really dumb for us to sign up for. If you don’t say “no” you automatically say “yes”. What is your next step?
I have a sick mom due to smart?
52 minutes

Got Sovereign Yet?

Find out why it is time to become free!
It is your choice.
Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!
1hour 59minutes

Why security matters¶

The increasing importance of information and communication has brought with it another phenomenon: the rise of a surveillance society. You can think of surveillance as an attempt by the powerful to maintain their dominance by asserting control over communication.

Nation states have responded to new communications technology by pursuing an infrastructure that can easily be re-purposed for total social control. Unlike earlier communication eras, the nature of current technology requires that our information is either secure in a way that frustrates governments, or is totally insecure in a way that makes possible the widespread and detailed monitoring of an entire populous.

Corporations have discovered that the gathering and analysis of massive amounts of personal data is necessary if they want to remain competitive in an information-rich world. In particular, nearly all advertising is shifting toward surveillance-based tracking of our personal behavior.

In this context, secure communication has become vitally important.
•State surveillance has a long history of resulting in the repression of social movements.
•Even indirectly, rampant surveillance has a chilling effect on social movements.
•Corporate surveillance is just as serious as state surveillance. Not only can the massive amounts of data kept on internet users be easily re-purposed for direct state repression, but corporations are now on the verge of obtaining unprecedented power over consumers.

When people start to learn about the rise in surveillance they start to feel overwhelmed. Some decide that it is impossible to be secure, so they resign themselves to live under perpetual surveillance or to forsake all forms of digital communication. At Riseup, we believe there is a third way: our goal is to make a high degree of security easy and accessible for everyone.

Much of the fight against surveillance takes place through the legal system and we applaud those who work in this arena. In contrast, Riseup’s focus is on technology. When laws are unjust, we believe that a new technical reality is necessary in order to alter the legal and political possibilities.

Listen to this recording of crickets slowed down. It sounds very synchronistic at minimum. Enjoy what you hear! How magical and soothing……

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/49573799″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]
This proves that self responsibility in our daily choices are key to our survival while we have the choices.

Part one of three

Part Two of Three

PArt three of three



57 Million Americans have a brain illness such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings and irrational thoughts.
Stigma is the most pervasive reason why people with brain illnesses do not seek treatment. The National Institute of Mental Health states that 21% of America’s children have a diagnosable mental illness but only 5% of them ever seek a psychiatric evaluation and/or real treatment. In our universities and colleges, suicide is the leading cause of death. This is mainly, from unrecognized and untreated mental illness. Self-Stigma produces so much internal guilt and shame that young people feel reluctant to tell their college counselors how they really feel.

In today’s world, stigma refers to PSYCHATRIC DIAGNOSIS. These Attitudes and Beliefs make people use words like “crazy”, “weirdo”, “freak”, “nuts”, “psycho”, “moron” and “lunatic”. At no time in history have we had such wonderful psychiatric and psychology treatments and yet many folks do Not Find Their Way to Quality Treatments.

HELP ME FIGHT STIGMA. Stigma is the reason why so many college students commit suicide. Stigma is the reason why our homeless population is increasing in LA. Stigma is the reason why major hospitals such as Cedars Sinai close their doors to anyone with a mental illness. We have to help people stop saying “not in my backyard” and realize that mental illness is an illness like any other. Treatment works! Recovery happens when folks with a brain diagnosis find their way to quality medical care.

Let’s make our walk as big as the AIDS Walk and Breast Cancer Walk – We know research has produced improved treatment for these two illnesses. We can do the same and also raise money for more research and easier access to treatment for those with mental illness.
After all, one in four of us have a mental illness

Join Me for NAMI Walks – Join my Team “Heal Our Brain “
My Walk link is: http://namiwalks.nami.org/healourbrainteam2013

Make sure you scroll down to hot topic videos!

Transforming Your Life Script:

An All-Day Event That Will Change Your Life!

Saturday September 28, 2013

Sands Inn & Suites

1930 Monterey St

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

9:30 am – 5:00 pm (Sign-in begins at 8:30 am)

Everyone has a Life Script or drama that is the sum total of all the messages we absorbed as children from parents, teachers, and other significant adults. Each drama has a distinct beginning, middle, and ending. All Scripts involve repetitive behavior patterns that lead to unsatisfying results.

What is even more powerful about Scripts is that they are mostly unconscious, formed out of stressful experiences in early childhood. We then set our lives up around what can best be called our “stress point” or coping point. This is the point where we account for all the distresses we have experienced and develop patterns, a Life Script, for surviving distresses in the future. This is very different from a person’s perfect balance point, the place where all our systems are running at their highest potential. The stress point expects a repetition of the past and often creates just that.

But knowledge and awareness really can set you free! If you are tired of the same unfulfilling results in your relationships with partners, parents, children, and friends….if you find yourself getting the same unsatisfying results in business, these are indicators of Scripts in action. Script behaviors consume our energy and rob us of our well-being. Now you can have access to information about yourself that can change the way you live.

Join us for this cutting edge seminar, and change your life! Open to all. The cost is $40 for you. If you are a GIN Member or an I Ching Systems customer, you may bring as many guests as you wish FREE. To REGISTER go to our website www.ichingsystemsmembers.com. Seating is limited so register TODAY to reserve your seat! Then be sure to email the names of all your guests to marymiller@ichingsystems.info.

If you attend both Saturday and Sunday Seminars, the cost is $60. GIN members and I Ching Systems customers, please bring your family members, friends and co-workers – everyone can benefit from this life-changing information!



Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sands Inn & Suites

1930 Monterey St

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

9:30 am to 4:30 pm (Sign-in starts at 8:30 am)

Why are you able to have such great conversations with one person and feel like another person just doesn’t “get” you? Why are you so sexually attracted to one person and not another? Why do some relationships feel so easy and others are filled with struggle? Why do you connect with one child and not another? Why do some marriages thrive and others falter and end in divorce?

If you want to know the answers to these questions and so many more about your relationships, join us for this ALL NEW Advanced Relationship Seminar. The answers are in the numbers. We live in an absolutely organized universe. If it is not in the numbers, it is not in your relationship!

How many times in your life have you felt guilty for something you have or have not done in a relationship? How many relationships in your life are still driven by guilt? Where does this guilt come from? And, would you like to live without it?

If you are tired of trying to please other people more than you try to please yourself, if you are tired of carrying the problems of others on your back, if you are tired of feeling guilty for being yourself: this seminar is for you. If you are ready to find the freedom to be yourself, this event is for YOU!

Cost is $40. If you would like to attend, REGISTER TODAY. We expect a full house. Then, email us your date of birth and the date of birth of one other person in your life. This person can be anyone you know. If you are a GIN Member or an I Ching Systems customer, you may bring as many guests as you wish at no extra charge. You must REGISTER and then email us the names and birthdates for you and your guests (& the birthdate of the second person for each). Send email to marymiller@ichingsytems.info

Go to www.ichingsystemsmembers.com and REGISTER now. Then email your date of birth and the birthdate of one other person in your life. Remember, if you are a GIN Member or an I Ching Systems customer, you can bring as many guests as you wish. You must email all names and birth dates to reserve their seats, to marymiller@ichingsystems.info.

Wow watch this one, it is a life prospective changer.

Salute To William Cooper wrote the book To Ride the Pale Horse, etc.

Money and Life 1 hour 26 minutes

What a great combination!
Figure out for yourself what to do about the global money scarcity problem that can be reversed so easily after it all crashes on interest bearing greediness.

Whales/Human Dilemma

Senator Sanders from Vermont is really trying to just be effective and accountable.

Proposition 37 say YES because it is only asking for labeling, not anything but that. If you want to know what is in your food chain please vote yes

The next move in the formula for people controlling is a fake Alien situation. Don’t buy it according to over 100 witnesses and insiders. Watch for yourself. Investigate, do your own homework…..the key is to not come from fear, be empowered, we are designed that way.

Meds VS Health

If you find yourself needing extra tools to be able to be authentic with your individual expression then you are in the right place. Diane will help you clear yourself of energies that are not serving you or others.

Do you want more understanding of the importance ot protecting yourself from negative dense almost evil energies? With a bonus of being able to be yourself under all circumstances, especially when you are feeling a bit under seige? It all can happen, with your participation and Diane’s collected knowledge to do just that. Get ready to transform your perspective and stand strong in LOVE as your power house over dense energies. And they know it. So the breakdown is orchrestrated but imploding on itself. As you watch social systems in place crumbling be grateful for the power of the people to shine so bright the dense can’t stick around anymore, the more that have this understanding the sooner we are all being as designed through understanding the Law Of Attraction. and using it in our every thought on purpose.
There are Decrees listed below that will give you results if you engage in the process, be brave.

Release Decree

At the first sensing of anxiety, fear, depression, negative self talk, a block, immdiately say: STOP! Identified! Short circut, vaporize, cease to be! Re-entry of discord denied forever more.

Decree to repel invasive enegies:

At the first sense of encroaching energy say STOP! Entry Denied! Vaporize, cease to be!

/after stating the “release Decree” and the decree to “Repel Invasive energies” say the “Recalibration Decree”.
Recalibration Decree Bea

“I am an embodiment of the Golden ALight embedded with the non-polarity field of Absolute Love, Absolute Joy, Absolute Peace, Absolute Beauty, Absolute Truth, Absolute Justice, Absolute Integrity, Absolute Protection.

Nothing else enters me! All else leaves me! I am balanced and emerged in my Original Energetic Template, and express my innate abilities encoded therein to therein to their fullest potential. I am aligned and at One with my Source in perfect harmony.. I am free of all invasive energies of lie, distortion, evill, and manipulation. I am fully protected as all those I LOVE. for these truths realized and manifested, I give my tyhanks in deep love and appreciation. So it is decreed, sealed as so. And so it is done forever more”.

Between the Decrees, more understanding, the Oil, the salt baths you can be empowered because to clear all discord and live a life evcer ecolving forward, exprssing your true essence, resnating at one with your Source, is a treasure above all measure, to be celebrated with great appreciation.

The FDA showing up as a military wipe out of natural healing providers. Let us not let them hurt us anymore, step up and help whatever that means to you, just step up please. 1 hour 37 minutes.

Vaccinations dang genocide is sure ugly, educate yourself so you don’t get in the genocidal line, and suffer and die, instead of thrive and die, just a choice in the evolution process