Laura Lee Waldorf a Master Myotherapist can relate to Mountain Bike Riders and their need to hit the trails. When injury or overuse gets in the way and your body is screaming for you to do SOMETHING…..Myotherapy can be a handy tool to change your day back to play. Call your local Myotherapist and see for yourself. Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!
1 minute 56 seconds interviews Dr. Tom the SLO California Chiropractor that is here to help you with your pain needs.

httP:// interviews Kathy Bornino on her booth she will be having at the Holistict Health Fair in San Luis Obispo California at the vetrans hall 01 Grand Ave between 11-4. She is very well versed with her field of therapist interviews Dr. Tom the SLO California Chiropractor that is here to help you with your pain needs.

Mental Wellness is of upmost importance due to the health care crisis of to much electrical stimulate. There are protocols that you can implement to set yourself balanced. Find out for yourself contact: IChingSystems Mary Miller ASAP! I Ching Systems by Mary Miller and others You or anyone else you know are a little whacked out regarding your own personal electric and magnetic power grid then read and come to san Diago, Ca and learn first hand the power of yourself. We are former educators, clinical social workers and mechanics. As former clinical social workers with a broad range of training in the field of mental health, we became dissatisfied with western approaches to inner balance. Traditional western systems take a functional approach to emotional stability often based on the idea that talking in the form of counseling might alleviate imbalances. While for some people this is true, for others something more is needed. In the early nineteen eighties, we left our successful psychotherapy practices in order to pursue an eastern approach to emotional stability. The eastern view takes a structural approach, viewing the consciousness as an electromagnetic system through which life force must flow. In this view, blockages in the flow of life force produce imbalances at all levels. In 1983, we sold our personal possessions and formed a non-profit research company known as The Gentle Wind Project. For twenty years, GWP enjoyed a global reputation of respect and good will for making our technology available for use by anyone at no charge with over 35,000 instruments in more than 100 countries. In 2003, GWP became the target of aggressive government officials who colluded with a classic cyber smear campaign (including well-known anti-alternative health groups) to end our research efforts. In 2006, their efforts were successful and our work was stopped. The documented story of our history can be found in our latest publication called Caught In The Act of Helping available through Life-Insights Books. In 2006, we reorganized our efforts and formed a new company with an all-new technology, now called I Ching Systems. We are here today because we believe that we have a product that may change the quality of human life. And, we are here because we believe that you as a consumer have the right to decide for yourself if our non-ingested, non-invasive, non-toxic technology is effective or not. Avila Beach Spa Retreat offers a variety of massage therapist, just call and within a short time you can be receiving tender care. Featuring Becky a very passionate therapist. The first drawback of anger is that it destroys your inner peace; the second is that it distorts your view of reality. If you think about this and come to understand that anger is really unhelpful, that it is only destructive, you can begin to distance yourself from anger. Free Facebook Webinar Free Facebook Webinar FutureTalk David Wilcock Bruce Lipton The New Biology Great video for the new male and females response to each other. There is one for women to men also, will post later. Avila Bay Spa Retreat Oceanfront location will be offering weekly movement classes lead by Laura Lee and Astoria, mother/daughter team on the beach in Avila, right in front of the Spa, next to Avila grocery store. Saturdays 11:00am-12:00pm Bring a big towel 805-704-1779 360 Front Street, Avila Beach, CA 93424 I highly recommend the Video Email System…I use it to share content with all the people I work with. It is fun and easy to use. It helps build trust and I love being able to educate people on what I do to help people become responsible for their health. Click on the picture above to find out how you can use it. Rand & Laura Welcome you to Energies Rising, a Community Wholeness Center. Talk with Rand & Laura I enjoy participating in their Monday evening class. Enjoy the Energy of their Space Click on the picture to go to their site. Transformational Tools at QuietStar: Aura Photos, Massage, Energy & Sound Healing Local Artists~Jewelry~Healthy Food Kids Korner: books, gifts, cool things for Kids and their adults Metaphysical Bookstore and Gifts Just Click on the graphic above to go to their site. Lifeforce Body Dr. Richard Schultz’s, Local Alternative Practitioners Body Balance from Lifeforce Using seavegtables and Aloe Vera to combine a powerhouse of nutrients while cleansing at the same time. In a liquid quick to take form. Will have links and videos soon Melaleuca The Wellness Company We are being toxified in our own home and we are buying and supplying it for our ourselves and our loved ones, yuck! Lets do that different by voting with your dollar companies that care. Melaleuca offers choices over toxic chemicals video and links coming soon The Back Store Inversion Table Local Health Food Stores The EarthStar Meditation Eco-Planners Facebook: ConnectSanLuisObispo