Part 2 For really sick people, part one below

45 minutes

1 hour 50 minutes Part 1

This is a program for people who are rally sick, not for health maintenance



9 minutes to learn the antidote to some Vaccination injury.

GcMAF learn now, so you have it in your bag of proactive health care tips.

Love Life and Life Will Love You Back!




Food is your medicine!

Super Tonic is your Immune System Booster. Prevention of germs is a Strong Defense

1 minute 54 seconds

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Gluten Free 20 minutes Figure out real Science or Fake Science.

Fake Science ID: Mindlessly promoting toxins, GMO, pesticides, fluoride, and mercury. Laura Lee a Nutritional Herbalist explains the Potassium Broth recipe: How to make it. You consume Potassium Broth to flush your system of toxins, acid, and mucous while giving you concentrated amounts of minerals. Easy to make with ingredients you can buy at any Farmers Market.

3 minute 31 seconds